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Bulletin Board Policy

Developed September 26, 2000


The Library provides space on its public bulletin board for announcements and notices of local community events. This service is in keeping with the Library's overall philosophy of providing access to a wide range of information sources.


All notices and posters must be approved and placed on the bulletin board by library staff. Staff may discard items not approved for placement and excess copies of any items received.

Staff will follow publicly posted guidelines in making decisions about the placement of materials. Items will be posted or made available on an equitable basis, subject to available space, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of the individuals or groups represented.

Religious and political materials are permissible for informational purposes or special events; materials that have the primary effect to proselytize for a single point of view will not be displayed.

In general, no items devoted solely to the sale, advertising, solicitations or promotion of commercial products or services for a single profit making business will be accepted. Staff may make exceptions for announcements of educational opportunities provided by profit making businesses, or items including a variety of beneficiaries.

Posting of a notice does not imply endorsement by the library staff or the Board of Trustees of the viewpoints expressed in the items.

The bulletin boards are not available for personal, or family use, or for purely social use.

Items may be refused based on: size and available space. The size limit for posted items is 8 1/2" by 11". The available space for posting is limited to the designated community bulletin board.

All items placed on the bulletin board must be approved by the Information Services Department Head (Morganton Public Library) or the Branch Manager (Valdese Public Library and C. B. Hildebrand Public Library) or the Head's or Branch Manager's designated representative using the criteria above. Items not so approved will be removed from the bulletin boards and disposed of as deemed appropriate by the Information Services Department Head or Branch Manager (or the Head's or Branch Manager's designated representative.)

Due to limited space, all qualified items might not be displayed. If any items cannot be displayed because of space, the items received first will be displayed. No items will be excluded due to viewpoint.

The library does not assume any responsibility or liability for items submitted for display on the bulletin board. The organization/individual assumes responsibility for any damage incurred.

Items will be removed from the bulletin boards by the Information Services Department Head or the Branch Manager (or by the Head's or Branch Manager's designated representative) as outlined below:

Items that become dated will be removed for the bulletin boards and will be disposed of as deemed appropriate. For example, posters announcing meetings will be removed after the meeting. Other items will be removed after thirty days, unless there is space available and the item is considered to be of general interest. Items directly concerned with the library will be displayed as long as appropriate.

Exhibit Policy

Effective February, 2003

Exhibit spaces and display case(s) in the Burke County Public Library, with sites at Morganton, Valdese, and Hildebran, are utilized primarily to promote reading, education and library usage. Themes for displays or exhibits may be educational, seasonal, patriotic, cultural or community focused. Use of community collections and artifacts are featured and formulated to appeal to the entire community. Exhibits and displays are selected and/or organized by professional librarians who are knowledgeable of the community and its resources. Selection is based on the widest community appeal and interest, format, space, staff and budget allowances.

All displays and exhibits are initiated by the Library. Areas for displays and exhibits at Morganton Public Library, Valdese Public Library, and C.B. Hildebrand Public Library are not public forum and are not available to the public. Displays are designed to be content-neutral since the Library does not take sides in political or social controversies.

Meeting Room Policy & Rules for Morganton Main Library & Valdese Public Library


Morganton Main Library and Valdese Public Library offer meeting rooms for the use of the public on equal terms for the lawful activities of groups and individuals, regardless of their affiliations or beliefs. These meeting rooms are available for groups or individuals to conduct organizational or program meetings, seminars, study groups, planning sessions, training programs, and related activities.


  1. Meeting rooms in the Burke County Public Library System may be booked no more than sixty days in advance by customers at the Morganton Main Library or Valdese Public Library.
  2. Meeting room reservations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis, based on the date of submission of the request. Groups or individuals wishing to reserve a meeting room must initially submit the "long form" version of the meeting room reservation request form. If the information contained on the "long form" does not change, the group or individual may submit the "short form" of the meeting room reservation request form for subsequent meetings. Reservations will not be made over the telephone but reservation form(s) may be submitted to the appropriate Library by fax.
  3. Except for affiliated organizations (BCPLS Board of Trustees, Friends of the BCPLS Library, Burke County Historical Society, and Burke County Genealogical Society), groups or individuals may not reserve meeting rooms continuously for the same time each week or month, if such reservations prevent other groups or the Public Library from using library meeting rooms.
  4. Meeting room booking(s) may be cancelled by the BCPLS (after notice to the customer) if the booking is in conflict with Public Library System sponsored programming event(s).
  5. Persons attending activities in the meeting rooms of the BCPLS are subject to all BCPLS rules and regulations. Use of the meeting room must not disrupt the use of the Main Library or Valdese Public Library by other customers.
  6. No fees, dues, or donations may be charged or solicited from persons attending meetings in BCPLS meeting rooms. Exceptions may be made for meetings sponsored by the BCPLS or its affiliated organizations (see #4) involving small fees for short-term classes, institutes, workshops, etc.
  7. No commercial, social, religious, and/or political functions will be scheduled at BCPLS meeting rooms.
  8. Meeting rooms must be left in a clean and orderly condition. Groups or individuals holding meetings assume all responsibility for setting up and removing tables, chairs, and other furniture and equipment; for cleaning the room after use; and for any damage to BCPLS equipment and facilities during their meetings. A representative from each organization or the individual using a meeting room must sign an agreement (long form) accepting personal responsibility for damages or cleaning fees resulting from the groupís or individualís use of the room. The BCPLS is not responsible for providing extra chairs, tables, equipment, etc. needed for the groupís or individualís functions beyond the existing tables, chairs, equipment, etc. located in the BCPLS meeting rooms at the time/date the "long form" of the meeting room reservation request form is signed by a group or individual. With prior permission by the appropriate site supervisor (Library Director, Library Managers, and Community Services Librarian), groups or individuals may temporarily bring extra tables, chairs, equipment, etc. needed for a particular meeting. All non-BCPLS property brought onto BCPLS premises must be immediately removed from meeting rooms after the meeting is finished.
  9. Smoking is not allowed in the Morganton Main Library or Valdese Public Library. Persons wishing to smoke must exit the buildings to do so.
  10. No eating or drinking will be allowed in BCPLS meeting rooms for non-BCPLS sponsored events.
  11. Permission to use a BCPLS meeting room is NOT an endorsement by the BCPLS staff, trustees, etc. of the belief(s) of the group or individual utilizing BCPLS meeting rooms.
  12. No group or member or any group or individual may attach signs, banners, or fliers to any BCPLS wall, ceiling, or piece of property without permission of the appropriate site supervisor (see #9)
  13. The Library Director is authorized by the BCPLS Board of Trustees to deny further use of the Main Libraryís meeting room or Valdese Public Libraryís meeting room to individual(s) or group(s) that violate the BCPLSí policies and/or procedures. Individual(s) or group(s) whose activities would tend to incite and/or produce imminent lawless action, or are obscene, or are obviously promoting false and misleading information, or are defamatory, or that are purely commercial in nature will not be allowed to use the BCPLS meeting rooms